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Canton Information

  • Canton Township: This site contains information maintained by the township, including information on public safety, recreation and leisure, publications, meetings and tax information.

  • Read the Canton Ordinances to find out more about the rules and restrictions for Canton homeowners

  • Canton public safety uses a web based  Crime mapping program set dates and area to get a map with crimes shown as icons.  Canton Police also use twitter to inform the public of current issues.  Log on to twitter, open an account and choose to follow Canton PSD.

  • Canton trash collection guidelines.   Curbside recycling Canton has single stream recycling. Everything goes into the green recycle bin. The recycler sorts everything into proper groups. Read all about the items the township collects. Lots of items don't have to go to the landfill. Place recycle bins at the curb away from your regular trash bins for Thursday morning collection.