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Positions on the LSHA board are vacant. We can always fit more homeowners on the board. Contact us if you are interested.

Ed Simon,  President and Head of the Architecture Committee: The President is in charge of running the monthly board meetings, facilitating communication among board members and homeowners, and overseeing the actions of the board. As head of the Architecture Committee, convenes the committee that reads homeowners' requests and recommends approval or denial to the Board. Requests generally involve all changes to property, including construction of additions, fences, decks, etc. All proposals should be sent before work begins on a project.

Raunak Chaudhary, Vice-President: The Vice-President assists the President in all duties listed above. 

Open Position: Director of Deed Restrictions and Consul: The Director of Deed Restrictions and Consul works to make sure that the restrictions set forth in the declaration of restrictions is maintained and enforced. Works with legal counsel when necessary to determine the best course of action for instances of restrictions violations, and advises the board on possible courses of action.

Linda Simon, Treasurer: The Treasurer proposes budgets for each fiscal year that are approved by the board.; Maintains the checkbook, bank account, and oversees filing of federal income tax forms. Processes reimbursements and oversees the annual collection of homeowners association dues.;

Ed and Linda Simon, Social Directors: The Social Director is responsible for planning neighborhood activities. Proposes and plans association sponsored activities such as a block party, picnic, Oktoberfest or swim party. The board assigns and provides the budget. Work together with fellow neighbors and the board members to make it happen.

Kirste Moline and Lee Freeman, Director: Directors advice the LSHA Board of Directors on the best course of action for the subdivision, participate in ongoing projects for the betterment of the subdivision, and assist with all other duties outlined.